This past fall I was giving the great opportunity to spend the afternoon at my friends farm during the corn harvest. It was cold and windy, but well worth the time I had there. It also gave me the inspiration to try out a new type of Photoshop effects I had recently learned about, Tilt-Shift Photography. Using Photoshop you can recreate the look of miniatures, much like taking a photo of a model train set. After climbing up a grain bin and positioning myself correctly I was able to take this photo.

Before tilt shift effect is applied
It is a good photo, but fairly non-descript, but after apply the Tilt-Shift effect…

Tilt Shift effect using Photoshop
And you now have a completely different photo. For my photos I want them to tell a story, so the purist may not like this technique, but I will use this many times in the future. This is the tutorial I used, and take some time and look at the other examples, some are just incredible.

After the day was done and I sat to have some dinner with my friends family, who were incredibly gracious hosts, I began to work through the photos I had. Many of which I feel captured what a farm at harvest time is like, but not the amount of work it truly is. If anyone give you the chance to spend a day on the farm, by all means, take it.

Corn rows at harvest in HDR
sunset through the trees
combine at nightTo see the rest of this photo set, click here.

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