C. Tyson

the person


I am a simple guy


I do not like coffee, my beard is pretty lame and I have never owned an iPhone … which I guess means I am worst photographer ever but I am someone


who was lucky enough to find an extraordinary life




I am just an ordinary guy who through the years was finally able to find photography and somehow ended up being able to live this EXTRAORDINARY life. Make no mistake though, my life has some stories too it! 

Sometimes it is easy to look at others ( *cough* their Instagram *cough* ) and think they have something special or that their lives are polished and perfect. Let’s just set this expectation really quick. My life, and my Instagram, will never never be polished and perfect. 

That is how life is meant to lived though, it is meant to be experienced, you are supposed to have some scars, it will always have peaks and valleys and the path to find what or whom makes your heart leap from your chest will never, never be straight line. 

The best moments and relationships in my life were almost exclusively found when i wandered off that straight line, when I took the path less traveled and maybe even served someone who could never repay me. Those places are where I found who I truly was.


Christopher tyson with his son jayden



This little man… he interrupted my life in the most powerfully quiet way. From the first time I held him when you was a little peanut to now trying pull a rambunctious teenager off of me, I love every part of who he is. There is nothing in my life that I am more proud of than who he is. We go from building a computer together to blowing things up with firecrackers. He is me with all the excess and burdens stripped away. Love you Jayden!

elizabeth steed, wedding photographer in rockford illinois



My life is one that is a lot like yours. It has some color, it has lots of laughs, it has some tears and I have my fair share of scars, one of which was rocking a legit mullet for most of highschool. 


If you do not know any hurts, it is almost impossible to so deeply appreciate the highs. Elizabeth and I will be welcoming our little boy into the world in December of 2018! Since we first met almost 8 years ago, our lives have intertwined in a way that I could only describe as something that is a beautiful and perfect mess. Our story is just simply us and I am so proud to have her by my side.



Barhett’s first few weeks in Elizabeth’s womb were a little rough lol, ask me story sometime, but you got me back by making me miss a trip to Mexico when you arrived 3 weeks early. Since you then you try and talk to every person, every animal and every object is a hat in your hands.

Bear Bear makes us laugh, makes us cry but he is such a perfect blend of Elizabeth and I’s personality. 



My family lived in Green Bay for many years before I was born, so I was raised on the Packers. I watched many of the lean years while sitting on my families couch and now I get to sit on my couch, with my boys and watch some of the best years in Packer history. I am a share holding owner, the stock certificate is hanging in my studio and after 12 years of being on the waiting list, I am only 68,000th in line for season tickets!

christopher tyson is a wedding photographer who loves to travel


I have been lucky enough to see quite a few parts of what makes this world and its people pretty special. I am always down for an adventure, whether it be to find the best ice cream shop, or to hike a mountain. 


I once went to Chile and ran into some slight travels issues and by slight, it took me 60 hours to get there. I missed flights because of broken planes. I spent the night on a cot with a weird stain on it. I spent the afternoon at a bus stop in foreign country. All the while, making sure my camera bag did not disappear on me. I look back at it now and I so thankful I had that experience and would not trade it for anything 🙂

photograph of rick nielson from cheap trick


Every year I find myself in the great position of donating my time and photographs to my community. From going to back to my high school for the past 3 years to photographing some of my community’s largest gala’s, I have built some amazing friendships and witnessed how people can truly positively impact their community. 


It is my honor and privileged to share what I have been blessed with. If you ever have the chance to take part in giving back to your community, please do! If you are in my community and looking to help, please let me know!


A few years ago, I juggled the transition of working my old full time job and starting to photograph full time, I found myself at a point where picking up my camera because a little less fun that it used to be.


The desire I had to learn and create was being pushed into a job and growing my business. I loved every step of creating C. Tyson Photography but I needed to rekindle that joy. For the next 18 months I dived into the origin of photography itself. Spending countless hours on youtube and forums, I learned the original craft of photography created in 1851, the collodion wet-plate. To date, this is one my proudest photography moments.

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime.”


“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime.”





I am asked this question quite a bit and I really do love answering it. Every person who has decided to use photography as a source of income, enjoyed taking photographs first. For me, it was something that grabbed a hold of me very early on. For my 8th grade class trip, I saved up my lawn mowing money so I could buy my first decent film camera. I bought my first digital camera in 1998 and spent waaaay too much for it. 

In 2008 I did a project 365, where I took one photograph per day of just whatever life presented me that day. I started the year with a little point and shoot and ended it with my first Canon DSLR. In June of that year, I really started to put together the idea of what it would take to make a living off of photography. I bought my domain and started learning from any source I could. I booked my first wedding in March of 2009 and photographed my first wedding in May of 2009. Photographed my first destination wedding in March of 2010. I went part time at my old job in August of 2012 and been a full time photographer since February 2013. 

Since February 2013, things have been a little crazy! What photography has done for me and my family has been overwhelming. I will be indebted to those who helped and photography as whole for the rest of my life.