It all started with this…

9 years ago I sat at a dinner table with two traveling nurses on a cruise ship in the Caribbean. Through the years we have kept in touch with them through phone calls, email, text messages, myspace and then facebook. Susan and I even had multiple phone conversations about her amazing (bad) luck in finding a guy to have by her side. Those conversations led to her to invent a ranking system in telling me how things were going for her by having her guess the age she would be when she would finally be married.

The youngest age I ever remember her telling me was when she said she was going to get married when she was 85 🙂 In September of 2010, she even ended a message to me with “P.S. I will definitely hire you as my photographer if you find me a man!!! lol”. Being a few states away, this made it a little difficult but I had hoped she find her man one day.

Almost a year to day later, I open a message that begins with… “Well….its finally happening!!!!”… that started off a whirlwind of emails, phone calls, text messages and few tears that ended this past few days with me giving a friend a hug I have not seen in 9 years, to be with her as she walked through the dunes to meet her husband (who has an awesome name I must say) and then have her hassle me repeatedly to drink something with while I am shooting, those of you who know me know why this is hilarious. I also was witness as to how Susan’s new family talked to her, how they appreciated her and how they went out of their way to make sure that I felt like not only a photographer but also a friend.

Susan and Christopher, it was not only my pleasure but my honor to be a part of your day. As with so many things in my life, it makes me smile to look at back at how things unfold in a ways that I could not even imagine.  Congratulations!!!


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