I truly am surprised I am here…. Do not get me wrong, I EXPECTED and planned on being here but while I am creating this page, I can not help to but to reminisce about my dreams and aspirations when I first picked up a camera.

There are two things that have causes this page to be created, I would not be where I am now without the help of some key people, so it is my turn to give back and frankly, my business has grown to the point where I need your help.

So here is the deal, while this has been bouncing around in my head for a while and it is still fluid and changing and in a 6 months it could be something much different. Right now I am looking for a few people who want to learn photography as it pertains to the Wedding/Portrait community. While I am no grandmaster in the greater scheme of things, I am an established professional who built his business from scratch, most of which took place in the worst economy of our generation. If it sounds like I have a little bit of a “chip on my shoulder” it is because I do. Not because I have been slighted by anyone but because everyday I try and reinvent my business, create and look for new challenges. Photography is everywhere these days and my pursuit of those challenges is one of the key factors in my growth.

So what exactly am I offering to you?

~ No Secrets. What I know and have learned will be passed to you in exact terms as I know them. You are more then welcome to ask any question photography and business related you can muster. Questions about gear, vendors, suppliers, theory… everything is on the table for you to ask.

~ Hands on experience with all my current photography gear.

~ The opportunity to 2nd shoot/assist me in photographing weddings at some of the stateline’s premier wedding venues. In addition to many others this year, I will be shooting at The Pavilion, Prairie St Brewhouse, Franchesco’s Ristorante, The Raddison and on the opposite end of the spectrum, even an intimate backyard wedding.

~ If you do 2nd shoot/assist for me… Money 🙂

Who is this for?

~ Someone who is serious about becoming a wedding/portrait photographer.

~ Someone who has a DSLR, if you are serious about becoming a photographer you will need this.

~ Someone who is local or be willing to drive to the area.

Who is this NOT for?

~ Someone who has a strong interest in other types of photography such as newborns, landscapes, night club, automotive, architectural … While there are many elements of wedding/portrait photography that apply to these fields, I want your focus to be on wedding/portrait work for this project.

~ Someone who is comfortable where they are currently at in photography. If it makes you  nervous to be put in situations where you have to learn and grow on the fly, the wedding photography industry is not for you.

Still interested? Click here, fill out the fields on the right and I will contact you to set up a meeting over some coffee and we can see where it goes. I will even buy it 🙂

Christopher Tyson

Thank you for sharing!

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