There we are, behind Rosati’s Pizza in Belvidere Illinois. We were actually sneaking in through the back door of the restaurant. We were able to sneak into the back door because both Shelby and Ricardo have worked there for quite a few years. In fact this is where they met. However I was about to get an even better look into what Rosati’s meant to their lives.

Ricardo looked at me and said “Just being back here bring back so much memories.”.

You know me, I couldn’t let that one go “How so Ricardo?”.

Ricardo kind of gets that far away look, “You see that spot right over there? That spot. That is where it all began, that is where we have so much history. We had fights back there, we spent our breaks back there and that is where I fell in love.”

When he said this, I could not be more excited. Not so much because we were going to take photographs in a Pizza restaurant but because I was learning something about this couple, I was experience their history as they relived the moments. This is what telling a story with photographs is all about for me. Telling THEIR story.

Shelby and Ricardo, thank you so much for listening to those around you when they said to track me down to photograph your wedding! More than anything though, thank you for letting me into your lives and letting tag along as you reminisced about your time together.




























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