This summer I will be shooting two different weddings at the Pavilion at Orchard Ridge Farms and I can not say enough great thing about this venue. So when one of those couples, Jon and Aubrey, asked if I would like to head out there to check the place out and brainstorm a little, I jumped at the chance. From the ground up, you can tell the entire venue was designed to be a premier wedding location. From the multiple, distinct areas for an actual ceremony to creating a distinct area for brides to get ready, this venue truly wowed a person like me who has seen many different venues.

Here is a HDR of the reception area:

The Pavillion at Orchard Ridge Farms


While touring the grounds and working through some absolutely fabulous ideas from Aubrey that makes me ever more excited to shoot their wedding, we came across one minor quirk. I say minor because anyone photographer with a basic understanding of photoshop can clean up the photograph in about 30 seconds. Let alone just being smart when taking the actual photograph to minimize the background.


As you can see the neighbor is basically a guy who likes to collect “stuff”. This photograph is straight out of the camera, zero edits.

Here is a quick and dirty clean up of the background with some of the standard fixes you would see in a typical photograph I would deliver. Not perfect but with minimal time invested and also paying attention when you shoot the photograph, it becomes a non-issue very easily.


But I felt this photo was lacking a little pop, so I ran it through photoshop one more time….





keep scrolling down







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