If you are wondering what it is like to photograph this group of family and friends, I can help you out. Imagine you are drowning and then someone hands you a camera.

Ohhh Sarah and Frank, the toughest part of prepping this blog was going through the photographs and trying to figure out what is “safe” to put out into the real world and what was not! However after going through all of them, I find myself thinking that you were doing this all wrong. There was not a point in the day where you believed you were the most important thing. You seemed caught up on just having fun like it was a day to celebrate something that was a relief. Sometimes we look a couple who is getting married and nudge the person next to you and say, “I didn’t think they would ever get married but I am so excited we are here!”. No with you guys.  It is almost like you everyone around you, even random strangers, slapped the person on the back next them and said ” ‘Bout damn time… pass the Champagne!”. That is what I felt when going through your photographs, this day was not a cliffhanging day for us around you, there was not any suspense. It was day we are all so glad is finally here and we are all so happy to be close enough to watch you two celebrate throughout all of it.

Thank you so much for letting me try to herd cats photograph all your ridiculous friends and deep family. Days like this are exactly why I do what I do.














































































































Ceremony Venue: St. Peter Catholic Church

Reception Venue: Empress Banquets

Caterer: Empress Banquets

DJ: JoJo and Gizep

Flowers: Event Floral

Hair: B-Elliot Salon

Make Up: B-Elliot Salon

Officiant: Father Sabo

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