Sarah and Chris were referred to by a previous couple of mine, which is not too unusual. What if I told you Sarah and Chris never met this couple before that conversation? Now what if I told you this meeting and conversation took place at a garage sale? Yes, that is right. Sarah and Chris first heard about me because of a garage sale. I used to think this was pretty ridiculous (in an amazing way) until I had the chance to spend some time with Sarah and Chris. While they picked to beautiful places to have their wedding and reception and they did all the detail and prep work you would expect a couple to do… I do not think that at the end of that day that is what really mattered to them. I can tell you what does and that is the relationships they have with their friends and family. The people close to them were so much more important than everything else. I watched them go about their day and whenever I checked in with them, to see if there was anything I could do, never once did they say anything about their wedding. They had each other, they had their family and they had their friends and that was all that mattered to them. That is why, as I sit at my keyboard right now, it is no surprise to me that when a couple told them about this great experience they had with a photographer, they immediately listened to them, regardless of where this conversation took place. Even if it was garage sale 🙂

Sarah and Chris, I could not be more happy that my previous couple ran into you two. I would like to hope that we still would have crossed paths but no matter how it took place, I am so grateful it did. Thank you for choosing me to the be the person who got hang out with you on your wedding day!














































Ceremony Venue: St. Anthony’s of Padua Parish

Reception Venue: The Prairie Street Brewhouse

Caterer: The Prairie Street Brewhouse

Coordinator: Donna Lennox

Dress: Davids Bridal

Suit/Tux: Men’s Wearhouse

Hair and Make-Up: TheXperience Salon & Spa

Flowers: Donna Lennox

Cake: Sugar Jones

DJ: Luxe Productions

Lighting: Donna Lennox/ Tim Sharock

Videographer: Matt Eickhoff

Limo: Van Galder Bus Company

Photo Booth: Face Nook Fotos




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