I got to spend a great Friday night with my family and my youngest sister at the Ice Hogs game last night. For those of you who are thinking “Meh, hockey…..” you need to see this game in real life to truly appreciate just how fast and precise these guys are. Plus there is fighting 😀

And when you step into the Metro Centre in Rockford IL, be prepared to drop the gloves. No joke, the game started like this. Whistle, puck drop, gloves drop, fight. 5 minute penalties for fighting literally 3 seconds into the game, welcome to Rockford, Oklahoma City.

Did I mention we like to fight in Rockford? My favorite part of this photo, is the faces of the 3 in the box. The Ice Hogs players have the ho hum, this is just what we do look and the other guy is just beside himself wondering what our problem is.

People, we have a Sasquatch sighting! Now before you send me hate emails, look at the photo underneath this one, I took that one over 2 years ago and yes they are the same person 🙂 I am not making fun of the guy, contrary I am a fan of his. I dig people who show passion for the sport they love and follow.

Back to the game…

Now did you really think I would go to hockey game and not do some Mullet hunting 🙂 In case you were wondering, of course I had to use TRA’s Bitchin Camaro preset for this photo. How could I not?

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