I don’t know where to begin…. I really don’t. So I am giving up. For this blog post, you will get the highlights of my memories because I am failing completely at trying to weave them together into a cohesive paragraph….


I have never laughed so hard at a Best Man roast toast. Ever. Seriously.

I have had many well meaning people tell me I have done a good job of photographing a wedding before they have ever laid eyes on a photograph but at this wedding, the amount of people who told me this, just made me smile.

I had an excellent conversation with someone throughout the day, go find that moment Liz.

Those were REALLY, REALLY good cupcakes.

I am telling you, those Bridesmaids were talking hard trash….

I bet you this watch has a GPS built into it!

Every mother of the Bride cries at her Daughter’s wedding, especially when it is her only daughter….. but really, at the salon?

That Bull Buster is legit, make sure no one throws it away by accident. Plus when it makes it’s next appearance, I would gladly be there as the photographer.

The flowers girls smiled on command, everything is just a bonus after that!

When an asked a very legitimate question early in the day and was immediately ridiculed by his groomsmen, I knew I would fit right in.

Lastly, I will steal a line from Nikki’s father when he said that where Nikki is weak, Dan is strong and where Dan is weak, Nikki is strong, they just compliment each other. They truly do compliment each other and I am a witness, congrats you two!



Did you see something you liked? Take some time to visit the vendors who made this possible!


Wedding Venue: St. Thomas Aquinas

Reception Venue: Freeport Masonic Temple

DJ: Chance Productions

Flowers: Country Girl Floral and Gifts

Caterer: Jeff Krogel

Officiants: Chris Stukenberg and Monsieur McDonald

Dress: Mahin’s Bridal Salon

Tux: Seno Formal Wear

Cupcakes: Cupcakery

Hair and Makeup:  Elite Design Team

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