I very much remember last July when I had just posted on my Facebook page that I had booked Nikki and Dan for the coming year. The reason I remember is that within the hour, I started to get text messages from my friends who know Nikki and Dan and they ALL said that they were just a great couple and and were excited that they chose me to photograph their wedding. Now fast forward almost a year later and I am walking through parts of Rock Cut and I am thinking to myself that my friends were right, this is just two great people who found each other. Over the past 4 years I have met my fair share of couples and as I look back, I am surprised at how many of them stop being clients and end up becoming friends. It has always been a focus of mine to not just be a photography factory. Yes, I am running a business, yes I want to grow that business but I will ALWAYS do that with a priority of working with couples that overlap not only with my photography style but also my personality style as well. There is nothing more satisfying to me than watching a couple’s nervousness (they all are to some extent)┬áin the beginning of being followed by a photographer with big camera and monster lens, melt away to where its just 3 people out in park sharing stories of what life has presented all of us.

Nikki and Dan, I had a blast last night and enjoy the next few months, your wedding will be here before you know it!


Thank you for sharing!

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