Sometimes its my desire to do something different, Sometimes its my passion to create with my camera, sometimes it happens because I give up my free time to seek out ways to get better and sometimes, well, I just get lucky. 🙂 I have spent lest than $30 in advertising since I created my business, I truly believe that surpassing expectations of the people I come in contact with is by far the best for of advertising, but one of the few place I have spent money with is That is how I found Cathy and Alistair. Decidio put out a quote request that I received that looked something like this, a couple were looking for a photography for their wedding, they did not need a lot of hours, not too many guests, but a start time of 6:30am July 4th.
I was hooked.

After finding out that the couple was from New Zealand and that Cathy’s dream was to have her wedding along a creek at sunrise, I was even more excited for this opportunity. Luckily for me, Cathy and Alistair chose me to be the one who captured their wedding in this incredible environment at White Pines State Park. Working with a couple that is literally half way around the world made for some quirks but we got everything planned and taken care of. Finally the day came we were all blessed with an absolutely perfect day. As the day progressed one of the tings I thoroughly enjoyed was the subtle differences in the traditions between the USA and New Zealand, my favorite by fars was fruitcake. Yep, fruitcake, that is New Zealand’s wedding cake of choice.

So as my sister said, “Kiwis! Hooray!”.

Thank you for sharing!

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