In 2011 I took over 35,000 photographs and while I posted almost a thousand of them on my blog and facebook page, that left many many photographs that never really made it outside the dark space of my RAID backup.

Until today 😀

I started doing my year end photographs that you probably have not seen in 2009 and I followed it up in 2010 and it has quickly turned into my favorite post of the year for a few reasons. One of the big reasons is that I really do like to share a little bit of insight into both my life and how I photograph that life. As I tell my clients, my life has some color to it, I have my struggles, my ups, my downs but in the end I am just regular guy with a family that means everything to me. I just happen to be carrying around my camera and can document what happens in the regular guys life. So enjoy this little peak into the behind the scenes world of a photographer’s life!


On February 1st we were warned that during the night, we would be hit with one of the more severe winter storms of the year. I took this chance to setup a time lapse of of the storm as it moved through overnight, while I was unlucky in capturing the brunt of the storm as the winds blew the snow across my line of sight, I did get this photograph. This one was taken at 3:46am, during the almost peak of the storm. So some guy decided to go for walk down the middle of the street at 3:46am during one of the worst blizzards Northern Illinois has ever seen. People…..


Om nom nom nom!

This is my nephew Mason just plowing on a watermelon at Jayden’s 6th birthday party. My favorite part of this photograph… Mason’s white knuckled death grip on his watermelon 😀


Speaking of om nom nom noming!

It is not entirely uncommon for me not to eat very much during the reception at a wedding, I am usually running around and getting some photographs of details that I was not able to work into the mix earlier. While I will eat at some point, the odds of me sitting down and eating dinner at the same time of the guests is pretty minimal. For Kealy and Zak’s wedding this was no different. I forget exactly what I was I needing from Kealy here but I am sure it was some detail photograph I needed. I think she caught me eyeballing her steak and the next thing I knew I was enjoying a piece of that steak 😀


Yeah, these guys again…

Yes, these are the same guys from the infamous “Game Face” photograph and I actually did ask them what in the world was going on shortly after I took this photograph. While their theories were pretty hilarious, suffice to say my blog is not the best place to repeat those ideas. It is also my little bit of payback to them, remember guys, I just document what happens 😉


Stuff like this only happens to me.

This is our basement laundry area and if it looks a little foggy or filled with smoke, that it because it was filled with smoke. Why? Well my WASHING machine decided it would be cool to set itself on fire. Yes the washing machine and not the dryer. I just happened to be downstairs waiting for the final spin to finish and heard the washer fail. By the time I could run over there and yank the power cord, smoke was already coming out of it, I am not going lie, it was a little scary. When the repair guy came over and I explained to him what happened, he looked at me like I was on drugs when I told him it was burning. So he takes the back off of the washer and starts to laugh and say he has NEVER seen anything like this. While that does make for an interesting story, its nothing you ever want to hear from a repair guy. If you look at the 2nd photo, you can see where the belt came off the pulley but still had enough tension and speed to literally starting cutting its way into the washer basket, almost like a saw blade. Stuff like this only seems to happen to me.


How to make 12 year old act like he was hit with battery acid.

It is no hidden secret that I enjoy watching Tyler get some motherly lovin from Michelle. I mean come on who does not enjoy watching a older boy writhe in agony over getting a kiss from his mother.


Always aware of where I was at …. almost.

I will just say this up front. I am pretty sure I am going to get punched for this one, so you better enjoy it.

I had the chance to photograph a wedding this year where going into it, I was pretty good friends with 3 of the bridesmaids. The only problem with that is that they knew I was going pull some sort shenanigans during the day and try to capture some ridiculous photographs of them I could use for leverage in getting brownies. The first photograph is a great example of that, as I see the bridal party go outside to decorate the bride and grooms getaway car, so I head out there ready to shoot. Kathy, on the right, uses her spider senses and instantly spins and poses before I can even get one photograph off. Well, as the night wore on her spider sense started to fail and I captured a classic photograph, the 2nd one. Why is it classic? Look at Kathy, to the right again 😀 Now excuse while I run go hide…



Words fail me.


Attention Stems Floral, if you are missing one of your center piece vases….

No joke, yes that really is one of the center piece holders from Stems Floral. Remember I am just here to document what takes place.


This so captures what my childhood was like.

This photograph of Jayden does a great job capturing the few things I needed to make me happy as a child which are also the EXACT same things that can entertain Jayden for hours. Just give us a stream, sticks and some rocks and that is all we need to kill an entire afternoon.


Thank you for taking the time view all my blog posts through the year and read through my thoughts (even when they needed some strong help from an editor). This year has been amazing for both me and my family and I look forward to sharing more photographs with you in 2012!


Christopher Tyson


Thank you for sharing!

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