I like reading wedding blogs and watching the wedding shows. They project this view of what a wedding should be, how a couple should meet, how their first date should go, how their friends should act, how the timeline of the day should be…. I enjoy these things because of how utterly ridiculous they make things out to be and how far from real life they are. Sometimes it even aggravates me because according to all the resources out there, almost all of my couples really suck at this meeting/dating/getting married thing. In the moment, life rarely makes sense. It is only after we have had time to look back, time to see what would have been if we had our way, only once that perspective is put into play do we truly grasp just how both beautifully random AND unbelievably intertwined ours lives are.

Meg and Russ’ story is such a great example. They have one of the most ridiculous first date stories I have ever heard. Trust me, the Lifetime channel wants nothing to do with it. Yet Russ gets one of the most heartfelt wedding gifts I have seen by going back to scene of trainwreck and gets a set of silverware from the restaurant of that very first date. I saw so many of these little touch points all throughout their wedding day and not just with details either. I could see it in their friendships, I could see it in their families, in the best man/maid of honor speeches… Sometimes in life we need to stop asking God for an umbrella and start learning how to dance in the rain.

Meg and Russ, thank you for being a couple that has always danced in rain and also saw enough in me to let me be a part of your wedding!

Thank you for sharing!

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