So it is no secret I have had a “unique” few weeks, it has been pretty crazy and rough. I am looking forward to stop talking to insurance adjusters and lawyers and start talking to actual humans again. Before all the chaos of that fire and the the drama that followed, I got to hang out with 2 amazing humans, Meg and Mike on their wedding day. Meg and Mike have been some of my greatest supporters of my photography since we first met. They have always been just two people who go to no ends to make sure the people around them are happy. I guess it should not have surprised me just how much fun I had no only with them but with their entire family and friends. The entire day we were just some friends with a camera who occasionally made fun of Mike for the lack of leg days at the gym.

What I found out that night as I was dumping and backing up their photographs at my studio, is that I am blessed. I am blessed to not only to be just a photographer but being able to meet the unbelievably amazing couples that I get to met. Couples that I impatiently wait sometimes over a year to hang out with. Couples that text me a photo of them the next morning wandering through their hotel trying to find out which room has their clothes in it. Couples that even when my life is a burning disaster (pun intended) they let me escape all of that and let me be a photographer a for that day. Meg and Mike, couples like you are exactly the reason this is what I do. Congrats!





































































































































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