I was wrong. I admit it. I totally did not think Mayra and Alex would even call/email me let alone book me.

When it first started to warm up last year, I took a few people out who where interested in 2nd shooting with me. They were basically walk around photography sessions that were job interviews. One of those times I was out with a guy named Nate. While we were taking our time roaming through downtown Rockford, I noticed a couple looking at Nate and I. When you are walking around with a big camera, a bag and a tripod this is nothing new. After a few minutes the guy who was watching us, walked up and asked what we were doing. I introduced myself as Christopher Tyson and my friend and I were just taking some time to photograph anything that captures our eye. The guy then introduced himself as Alex and asked if I ever photographed weddings. Of course I really didn’t know how to answer this question as I was a little caught off guard. I think I said  something along the lines of I have photographed them from time to time. What continued next was a great conversation with a couple that I had never met and they had never heard of me at this point as well. A real good conversation. I was thinking to myself, this is real great couple who I totally could see myself working with. The conversation ended with Alex taking one of my business card and saying he will call me. As Alex is walking away, Nate turns to me and says, “So that’s how you book a wedding huh?”. My response, was just to laugh and then I launched into bit of background of how bookings have come for me. I told him that I have booked wedding many different ways, from word of mouth referral, facebook stalking of friends, google searches, vendor referrals… I gave him a little background into how much effort I have put into those things and that people just do not walk up to you because you are holding a camera and book a wedding with you. I look back at that conversation and realize that now I probably was a little heavy handed but I really wanted to show a little of the background of what it takes to be a wedding photographer and what I do Monday through Friday.

Guess who called me about a week after that? Guess who booked me to photograph their wedding?

I was so wrong and I truly could not be happier to admit it đŸ™‚ I hired Nate and as long as his schedule allows it, guess who will be 2nd shooting with me for Mayra and Alex’s wedding? So thank you Mayra and Alex for proving me wrong and walking up to a random guy holding camera!



























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