I have a little story for you out there. Lindy and Brandon gave me no shortage of stories but I want to talk about a specific one for this Blog. Do not worry Brandon, I am not going to give you a hard time 🙂 I am actually going to brag about you for a bit. I shared this story with my 2nd shooter while prepping them for photographing Lindy and Brandon’s wedding.

Last Fall I spent an absolutely perfect evening with Lindy and Brandon for their engagement session. It was was one of those perfect 70 degree days with beautiful skies and no wind. We get maybe 7 or 8 nights a year like this and I was so lucky to share it with Lindy and Brandon. As we took a walk to start and just chatted, I noticed Brandon was a little nervous. Which this is really normal, especially for us guys. Here I am, carrying this big fancy camera and couples sometimes overthink their photos. It was pretty easy for me to watch his smaller moments and see he was trying to think his way into a better photographs…. which Ricky Bobby in Talladega Night gives an insight to how that works out. So I did what apparently ever one of his guys do to him, I poked and teased at him a bit just to let the tension slide by him. I am always intrigued by what bubbles up in those moments. What Brandon said next was telling to where his thoughts and nerves were coming from. He told me he was very nervous, but he spoke his reason being very sincere and without a hint of sarcasm (for real, I know you know Brandon but this really did happen). He always felt that Lindy looked so beautiful photographs that he wanted to make sure and try his best to look as good as he could so not too waste her beauty.

Well Brandon, thank you for not ruining my photographs of Lindy 🙂 Congrats you two!!























































































































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