Every couple walks a path. Actually they walk a few different paths depending on where they are at as being a couple. The path of being engaged, planning a wedding and then having your actually wedding is a path in of itself. You can start walking this path and have a very good and realistic idea of what it will be. You read blogs, magazines, ask your friends, talk to your family… you can do everything you should to be prepared and plan for this path. That is usually when life steps in and just giggles at your plans. Every couple will experience life giggling at them in some way. For Kristin and John, Life stepped in and said “Hey, I know you love each other but I am going to make this path about 4 years long from engagement to wedding.”. Here is the deal about those moments and this unscripted path we walk, I think it is beautiful. I feel that those unscripted moments and experiences and friendships are what make life, well, worth living. If everything just went exactly how we planned it, exactly how we thought it should, exactly the way we wrote our very own script… there would be no room for breathing in the moment and allowing it touch us. It is the feeling that stirs in every Bride and Groom when they finally made it to the point where they turn to their friends and family are officially announced as husband and wife. The twists, the turns, the plans, the re-made plans, the re-re-made plans, all of those quirks are what makes the other moments beautiful.

Kristin and John, thank you for letting me join in with you on your path. It may not have been the path you originally set out on but it was a path that was beautiful!













































































































































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