There are farmers and then there are farmers. I have met both and an easy way to tell the  difference between the former and later is their hands. I can tell you that every time I shook Greg or any of his groomsmen’s hands, I knew without a doubt they were the later. The other way you can tell is that Both Kiki and Greg are some of the most humble, down to earth people you will ever met. From when I first met Kiki at the Copperstone Inn and  than all through their day you saw and felt their graciousness come through. Kiki and Greg spent so much time and effort putting their unique touches on the Pavilion but so often as I would be shooting, it did not seem to matter what was around them. You could have dropped this couple in the middle of nothing and they would be lost in each other.

Kiki and Greg, I wish you nothing but the best and I know you have delayed your honeymoon for the spring planting. So when you do get on the plane, I hope you take a few moments and relive the memories of this day. Be proud of who you are and hopefully I can come visit you during your harvest!











































































































Bride Getting Ready Venue: The Copperstone Inn

Wedding and Ceremony Venue: The Pavilion at Orchard Ridge Farms

Coordinator: Taneel Fraley

Hair: Jen Miaczynski (Salon Rhaposody)

Make up: Wendy Woodside (Wendy City Faces)

Flowers: Becky Dees (Bokay)

Dress: Brides of Demetrios

Suits: Mens Warehouse

DJ/Dueling Pianos: Felix & Fingers

Cake: Sugar Jones



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