I keep coming back to it but I want my photographs to tell a story. Your Story.

I am not going lie, sometimes when I give freedom to couples in how we can tell their story, I sometimes find myself in some pretty tough places/circumstances to photograph in. However, when you put a couple in their element, when we end up in situation that is their “Friday night”, you quickly can see just who they are and that will always show through in my photographs. When I was sitting across from Kelly and Brandon at one of our meetings and I was explaining to them how I try and use their engagement session as the first chance to tell their story, their eyes both lite up when they asked if they could take me to an Irish Pub. When I probed further as to why, I found out their first St. Patrick’s day was at this pub and then after that, many other dates. This pub also has some amazing live music which they enjoy so much, they tried to book one of the singers for their wedding. This Irish pub, waaaaaaaay down by Joilet called The Kerry Piper, was their Friday night. So I made the trek down to see why this place was going to kick off their story. When I walked in right after open, we had the place to ourselves, the management was so kind and gave me free reign to go wherever and after just a few minutes in there, I totally could see Kelly and Brandon singing along to the live music and dancing with drink in hand. I was sold. For the next 90 minutes or so, I just tried to get out of their way and let them be who they are.

Kelly and Brandon, you both are amazing! It my pleasure to be apart of your wedding and I hope these photographs, when viewed by your friends, say nothing more than I captured who you are.
























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