“Hey old timer can you call me? I’ve got a photo opp.”

There are very few things more rewarding to me as a photographer when I get to know about an Engagement before the Bride to-be does. I have been lucky enough to photograph a few proposals over the years but this one was even more special to me. I met Aaron all the way back at East High School and through the magic of the internet, we have been able to keep in touch through the years. I remember seeing Aaron’s facebook feed all of the sudden blow up with this curly haired girl last year. It caught me by surprise because I knew her but it took me a few days to remember where. Then it hit me that she was a bridesmaid at Tara and Charlie’s wedding I photographed a couple of years ago. When it clicked who Kate was, I remember thinking that I hope this is something that could end up being more. From my perspective, this is one of those matches that is meant to be.

So when Aaron sent me that message a couple of weeks ago, I knew what the topic was going to be before he even spoke. What I had no clue about was how great of a proposal Aaron was planning. While he was walking me through the outline of what he wanted to do, I cut him off and asked why he has not asked me to photograph it yet! I was in before he even asked. When a proposal involves the St. Patrick’s Day parade, a huge horse, a knight’s helmet and an old friend, I do not need much convincing! Then the waiting game began.


That is Aaron in the kilt.


On St Patrick’s Day we gathered at a parking lot not far from the parade start and got caught up a little. A few friends stopped by to wish Aaron luck and also reviewed what could go wrong with his plan. It was fun moment trying to stress Aaron out but alas, he would not have any part of it. Once the full crew had gathered, including a wizard armor bearer and we have reviewed all the final plans, I went to find my place of hiding and track down Kate.

I found her happily laughing and talking with her friends and sisters (who were in on Aaron’s plan). Well I actually almost ran into her because she was on the opposite side of the street I though she would be. I dodged her and made my way to the opposite side of the street and tried to not stick out too much.

That is Kate with the curly hair and sunglasses.

The parade begins, its show time!

Getting a shot of Kate using the Urban cover.


The parade stopped so the Celtic girls could do a dance and that the sign for Kate’s friends and family to bring her closer to Aaron.

That helmet….

Kate on the far left.


Talking with Kate afterwards, at this point she still did not know who the man on the horse was yet.

She does now 🙂


Thank you for saying “Yes!” Kate, this blog post would be no where near exciting if you you said no!

The ring comes off…

And then goes on…

The crowd was so into this moment, everyone was cheering for them both!

That moment when you propose to your girlfriend in the middle of the St Patrick’s Day parade and then get to ride off together.


After hoping on with Aaron, can you possibly think of a better way to celebrate your engagement than finishing the rest of the Parade route on horseback?


After the Parade it was time to go find their family and friends and celebrate!


Kate and Aaron, congrats and I truly mean that I think you are both a blessing to each other. Now, go out and celebrate tonight like no other night!



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