Ahhhhhhhh Jessica and Matt, this couple got the full weather experience shooting with me. There engagement session was near 90 degrees with high humidity and their wedding was almost 0 degrees but like I told the groomsmen, at least it was not humid on their wedding day!

Every wedding has moments. You know all about the moment the bride gets her dress on, the moment the couple gets to see each other, that moment they get to have their first kiss, you know those moments what to look for. One of my favorite moments to watch a couple sort through is the moment when it clicks that they made it through all the chaos and all the planning and the quirks and it finally hits them they JUST GOT MARRIED. What I really enjoy about this moment is that it is not the same for every couple, sometimes it hits them right away, sometimes it takes the couple a little time process it. There is not a right or wrong this happens, it just does. Once it does though, it always lets the couple take just a little step back away from everything and just enjoy all the little things about each other.

Jessica and Matt, thank you for enjoying all the little things on your wedding day! I know you went through your share of planning and quirks to get your wedding and it was pleasure to help you along the way!
































































































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