I just realized how many of my intro sentences on my blog begin with me telling a story of how I was sitting across from a couple. Well guess what, here comes another one.

So I was sitting across from Jessica and Matt listening to the story of their engagement, how they met and basically getting caught up on the past 20+ years when it hit me. Sometime in the past 15 minutes, as they were flipping through one of my albums, we completely derailed the entire conversation and it had evolved into a laughing, story telling, make fun of each other mess. In other words, we were perfect for each other. Fast forward a few weeks and Jessica had given me a pretty good outline for what they we thinking they wanted for their engagement session. We even did a little location scouting in the Rockford area and had a good plan in place. Then, as seems to happen with weddings, our plans got derailed just like our conversations. Then our back up date was nixed. Then when we got our next plan in place, shooting in Chicago, it rained. Like really RAINED. I had an assistant scheduled to help with me with this shoot, that had to cancel and I had to scramble to find a replacement. There were accidents on I-90 going into the city. Then the battery for my remote for my car died. Aaaaaannnnnnnddddd all that was before we even started shooting, which was an hour later than planned. I told Jessica I felt like we were trapped in a Seinfeld episode. Then something really cool happened, when you combine the right personalities with the right couple and the right photographers, none of what happened previously mattered. When it was time to shoot, we all quickly realized it was going to be a great night. When Jessica and Matt got into the “moment” it did not matter that we were shooting right on Michigan Ave with people all around us, at that moment it was just those two enjoying where they were and who they were with.  Jessica and Matt, thank you for the wonderful night, for rolling with the punches but more importantly, loving each other. Your wedding will bring chaos again at some point and when that happens, just remember this night and how it turned out.
























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