I always remind my couples that sometimes planning a wedding is almost like wedding counseling. You have to make all kinds of decisions and sort through all kinds of ideas and work to a resolution that both love. Add in pressure from family and friends, deadlines, vendor meetings, planning a wedding can be very tough on both the Bride and Groom. I know it was for Erin and Mike so when I have to listen to them on the day of their wedding, over and over ask me if I have everything I need, to make sure I am eating and drinking, to see they can help me with anything…. it really shows just who Erin and Mike really are on the inside. This was how the entire the experience was for me working with them. Erin and Mike are a couple that after all was said and done, I felt like I was a better person for just being a small part of their wedding.

Erin and Mike, I know your honeymoon is wrapping up and I hope that you took sometime to just relax and let others serve you. Or maybe Erin was telling Mike “Where are my people, go get them.” 🙂

















































Venue: Rockford Country Club

Dress: The Crystal Bride

Suit/Tux: Men’s Wearhouse

Hair: Carrie Blunt

Bride’s Make-Up: Shantel Burright

Make-Up: Nadia

Flowers: Tara McClenthen

DJ: Brent Beehler

Videographer: Frank Slow Films

Cake: Cakes by Dea

Officiant: Louie Gugliuzza

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