I have always been someone who is intrigued when asked for a one or two description of something that could NEVER be described in just one or two words. It intrigues me because some people could, and almost always do, look at the same situation or circumstance and see two different things. Because of that difficulty of trying to describe something in one or two words is like trying to take one or two photographs that define a couple. That is a tremendous driving force behind my photography, I want to tell your story. I want your friends to look at your photographs and think they are a very true representation of who you are both individually and as a couple. I was brought into Cortney and Jake’s wedding as a late addition but there wedding is going to be one of the most challenging environments I will photograph in all year…. and I could not be more excited. Why? Not the venue, not the size of the photography package they selected but just because of who Cortney and Jake are. Couples are always what draws me into photography, couples are always whats gets me excited to photograph a wedding and Cortney and Jake represent so much of what I look for in a couple. I know I am not for every couple and I very comfortable with that but let me tell you, I can not wait for Cortney and Jake’s wedding!

What is that you say? Oh I never gave you my one or two word description of Cortney and Jake’s E-Session? That is easy….

Politically incorrect 😀




Thank you for sharing!

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