Have you ever found yourself at spot in your life where you have a plan worked out and how the next few years is going to unfold? I mean like a real good, realistic, reasonable and believable plan? Fast forward a few years, now how did that plan work out for you? If you are a human, two things most likely happened. Your “plan” was shredded by life and you ended up in better place because your life did not follow your perfect plan. This is Courtney and Bryce’s story.

This is also very much my story too but this blog is about Courtney and Bryce so we will stick to them 🙂

Very early into Courtney and Bryce’s wedding day, I found myself holding a photograph of 14 year old Courtney at her families lake house surrounded by about 8 other people. In this photograph were some of her bridesmaids, some of Bryce’s groomsmen and also Bryce himself. However, the path from that photograph to this blog is not a straight  line that make us regular people gag. Their story is not one of these perfect childhood romance stories and I really love that. It is a real, it is authentic and sometimes a little rough. What I found through my own personal life is that when I have veered off my predicted and planned path, I really started to actually LIVE my life rather than life just happening me. I have know Courtney for about just over 3 years now and in just that short period of time I have personally witnessed this happen in her own life. Watching them both have their moment to finally get to call each other husband and wife was something I will forever cherish.

Courtney and Bryce…. thank you for letting me play a small part of your wedding, I can not wait to see what life has in store for you both and also how much life takes your perfect plans away only to give you so much more!






















































































Vendor Love

Ceremony: St. Charles Borromeo Parish
Reception: Company 251
Hair and Make Up: Elle Salon
Dress: Genevieve’s Bridal Couture

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