In past blogs, I have mentioned how one of my small joys in photographing weddings and engagements is watching couples grow together over the course of the year or so in planning a wedding. It is a pleasure to watch two people slowly make the transition into becoming one couple. This change was right before my eyes this past weekend with Cassie and Jon and I am so very grateful I had the opportunity to be there to witness and capture this take place. I am a photographer and I can tease almost every emotion out you and have show in my photographs but when couples have put in the hard work of growing their relationship, planning a wedding and when they are truly excited to be married rather than just excited to get married, it always shows in their photographs. Cassie and Jon, it was my pleasure to be a witness to your growth of becoming one, through all the planning, through all the photographs and finally culminatingĀ  in your amazing wedding day. Congratulations!


Wedding Venue: Central Christian Church

Reception Venue: Mauh-Nah-Tee-See Country Club

Hair & Makeup: Mane Expressions

Flowers: Pepper Creek

DJ: Flipside DJ

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