Not Pinterest’s story. Not what is currently trendy’s story.

Your Story.

I want to chase unique, I want to chase creative. But doing those things just for the sake of doing them is boring to me. Look at it this way, if someone were to tell your story, what would HAVE to be included? I said this to Brooke and David at our first meeting and they kind of rolled their eyes a little and jokingly said, “I guess we are doing our engagement session at our Crossfit gym.”. Fast forward a few months and here we were, at Crossfit Impact in Glenview IL. The cool part was the reason why we were here. Not only was this the place where Brooke and David met, it was part of who they both truly are. David even showed me the exact spot in the gym where Brooke asked for his number (yes you read that right). When they were dating, they both had crazy schedules so they would combine a workout and a walk in the park right next to the gym for a date. What better way to tell their story than to just simply photograph them doing what they had done on their own so many times before. After the gym, as we walked through the park, I was able to just talk with this couple and hear so many stories of their time together. I think we talked more than we photographed and I am grateful that we did.

Brooke and David, thank you for the awkward moments, the laughs and more importantly the stories. I will see you this fall and we can skip the gym this time and eat cake instead!



























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