One thing I love watching couples do on wedding days is how they take advantage of the small unplanned moments that happen. This could be so many things but at Ashley and Jessie’s wedding it was the moment a rainbow appeared above the corn field. In the sweet and romantic moment, I snatched up Ashley and Jessie to use this to capture a photograph. I took Ashley and Jessie to field and framed up the rainbow. In that moment they took chance to make it theirs, they embraced themselves as a newly wed couple and took that moment to

….. twerk.

Ashley and Jessie’s wedding was filled with all kinds of those moments. Not twerking moments per say but I say that was not only twerk I saw that day. It was filled with little touches of who they were. Little moments where I saw them shine through. Sometimes in the planning of a wedding a couple gets really focused on some of the bigs things, that even happens on the wedding day. They caught up in whether this is happening on time or if this thing is placed correctly… Ashley and Jessie decided to have a wedding and be themselves. At the end of the day all I could do as a photographer was thank them for being exactly who I knew them as. Congrat you two!


























































































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