Ami and Duane…. For two people who have found success in what they both do, I was struck by something both shared. Neither one took themselves seriously at all. They both just wanted the best things and moments for each other, so they had this beautiful wedding along the Ocean at Dreams Riviera in Mexico. They spent the time, the money and all the effort to plan this day but when I watched them mess with each other and tease each other, they could have got married on the playground in the corner park back home. I found myself laughing along at hearing the inside jokes and the stories they both had. AsI sat at their reception table, which is very rare for me, I keep watching and laughing along. One person would share a moment or memory which would lead into another person sharing another story and so on it went, all the while day was turning into night.

Ami and Duane, thank you for letting me in all your stories and be part of your amazing wedding!











































































































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