I normally kick off each blog with a witty one liner about the couple that gets your attention. I am sorry but I do not have one for Amanda and Terry as when I tried to figure out one to write, I just starting laughing.

Laughing with Terry’s loud country boy laugh…

Laughing with Amanda as she teases Terry….

Laughing with both of them because they have 3 wedding dates…..

Laughing at the fact they had to get their marriage license twice, which means they had to swear under oath they are not cousins, twice…

This is real life. Sometimes life throws your curves that you can sit and complain about and in Amanda and Terry’s case, they have EVERY right to. However in this little wedding wedding adventure they took me, never once did I hear them wish for pity. There was never a moment that I saw or heard where they pulled the “this is the most important day of our lives how could happen!” card. They accepted whatever life threw at them and rolled with it. As they explain events to me, I was struck by how well they took everything. It was almost as if they knew they could handle anything in life because they were getting married for all the right reasons. Some crazy problems in life can cause you to cancel a wedding date, it should never cancel or even touch the love a couple has for each other. That, is what I saw between Amanda and Terry. A couple that knew they would get to call each husband and wife someday and for them, that is all that mattered.

Amanda and Terry, thank you for letting me tag along when that “someday” finally happened!


































































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