Oh where do I begin with this wedding….

There was so much going on with this wedding, I am stumbling with my words as I type but one thing that keeps coming back to me is emotions. Weddings are going to pull at the heart strings for many different reasons but Amanda and Robert, yours was different. For the joys of becoming one together to the sorrows of those who did not get share your wedding, it was just one scene after another. Whoever tries to give the impressions that weddings are these fairy tale story events are off their rocker in my humble opinion. Do not get me wrong though, every Brides strives for a fairy tale wedding, every coordinator wants to create that and I walk into a wedding trying to capture that. At the end the day though it takes a long and arduous journey from your first date to when you meet each other at the altar.It is for that reason that I enjoy capturing weddings so very much. It is these emotions that create the photographs that tell a story. I can duplicate lighting, I can duplicate environments, I can stage shoots wearing the exact same bridal gown and tux you wore on your wedding Amanda and Robert, but I will NEVER be able recreate what welled up in your heart.

Take a close look at Robert while he is waiting for Amanda to meet him at the altar, you see a man who truly now knows how long of a journey it was to get to this day. Those of you who know Amanda’s story, you know why her dance with her brother meant what it did. Sometimes I am in complete control of a wedding, other times I am just along for the ride and I hope it includes me. No matter what, telling your story is my only focus and it will always be my honor to be able to do that.

So Amanda and Robert, while you pack for Mexico, take some and enjoy your wedding preview and when you are sitting on a beach with a drink in hand, take some time to enjoy the completion of your journey. For when you come back, you will be starting a whole new one.


Vendor Love!

Ceremony Venue: The Rotary Botanical Gardens

Reception Venue: The Prairie Street Brewhouse

DJ: Flipside

Flowers: Little Bouquet Shop

Caterer: ABC Catering

Officiant: Randy Kiger

Dress: Fair Lady Bridal

Cake: Addy’s

Lines: Beautiful Day Linens

Photobooth: Spotlight Photobooth





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