I have had my share of lenses in my time of photography, my best math and memory puts me at 11 with currently owning 5. My Canon 100mm L f2.8 IS Macro has quickly become of my favorite lenses. The Image Stabilization is just unbelievable with this lens and it amazing how slow of a shutter speed I can hand hold without a tripod. I recently to this picture of a baby squirrel that my boys found while playing outside, and of course before I could tell them not to, they had handled it. So this story probably does not have the best ending, but it did allow me some great pictures.

Now what makes this picture amazing is in the squirrel’s eye. If you look closely you can see the reflection of me laying in the grass to take this picture! Here is a crop so you can see it better…

I love this lens.

Thank you for sharing!

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