Last summer I took on the task of photographing the entire Orchard Ridge Farms properties (here and here) including the Copperstone Inn, with the exception of one suite at the Copperstone that was not open to the public yet. Earlier this week I received an email from the owners that they  have opened up the last suite at the Copperstone and needed some photographs. For those of you who have seen the Copperstone, you know how amazing this place is and here is the kicker, the suite they just opened up was one of the largest on the properties. So off I went, not quite sure what to expect but I also know what the rest of the Copperstone was like, so my expectations were pretty high.

I walked in the door and I was blown away… I proudly present the Northwoods Suite at the Copperstone Inn.

The Copperstone Inn, Rockton IL

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