You reap what you sow.

From what my memory serves me, it was almost 4 years ago to the day I met Tara, who had recently moved to Rockford after living in Arizona. After discovering she moved here from Arizona to be with her boyfriend, I smugly said “You moved all the way here without a ring on your finger?”. Yeah, I know, that was pretty shady…. but I reap what I sowed with that comment. Oh did I ever.

So I am found myself at the absolutely stunning venue of McEachran Homestead and Winery, in the reception tent with the groom, groomsmen, the DJs and and Allison and Sue from the winery. We were not planning for the wedding or working out details of chair placements… no we were holding onto the tent to keep it from collapsing from the wind and rain that tore through the area on Saturday. As I am in the corner, rain going down the back of shirt, I am thinking to myself…”Geez Chris, you had to begin your friendship with Tara with such a snarky line, this is just you reaping what you sow.” After all the teasing I gave Tara and Charlie, it was now time for me to pay up. It was also time for me to enjoy seeing two people, who had to travel thousands of miles to find each other, celebrate their journey ending. You know they are perfect match for each other when they both write their vows and they BOTH end up using the EXACT same cheesy Star Wars reference to proclaim their love for each other. Seriously, I can not make this stuff up.

The storm blew, the rains poured, the tent fell (just the small one) but at the end of the day, the sun came out and Tara and Charlie finished one journey and started a new one.





Did you see something that you liked? Then check out the vendors that made this wedding possible.

Venue: McEachran Homestead and Winery

Venue Coordinator: Allison

DJ: Skylar and Lauren from Culture Shock Clothing and Records

Salon: Fuzion Studios

Bride’s Hair: Gail Gray

Officiant: Shane Meegan

Dress: Brandi’s Bridal

Cake: Erin Watson

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