I first met Tara almost 5 years ago and during one of our first conversations, I teasingly called her out for moving from Phoenix to Rockford to be with Charlie without being engaged. Keep in mind this was even before I had the chance to create my photography business, while it was in the background and building stages, I had not photographed my first event. Well, that conversion took on a life of its own and after many years of poking fun at Tara and Charlie, I got THE text message a few months ago…

“We are engaged!!!!”

shortly after that….

“And you are one of the first ones to know!!”

So after years of teasing Tara and sowing into that account, it came time for Tara to make a withdraw from that same account…. I am now very proud to be not only their photographer for their wedding but also a friend who will be a part of their wedding 😀

As I tell every couple who I work with, my single goal when photographing them as a couple is to tell their story. The engagement session is where I really get to lay the groundwork of that story. Without some of the constraints of a wedding day, its allows all of us little bit more freedom in telling that story. I told Tara and Charlie, whatever we do, if your friends look at your photos and giggle, we did something wrong. I want their friends to look at their photos and say “That is so you two!”. I gave Tara and Charlie that guidance and next thing I know I find myself record shopping at Culture Shock in Rockford IL. With the owner Skyler graciously opening his doors and letting us shoot in his store, I was able to capture Tara and Charlie being, well, Tara and Charlie. Insert and few random Gwar and Backdoor Men references and we had ourselves a bona fide engagement session that starts to let you into who Tara and Charlie are, enjoy!



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