This was my first time photographing a wedding of a truly Italian family. Which means, I had the experience of  being kissed by so many people I have never met. And I was threatened with my life to sit and eat, which is something I rarely do at a wedding. And I had loving grandmothers, take my hands, look me in the eye and speak perfect Italian to me, which I do not understand one bit. And that 11pm I was still photographing a crazy room of people.

I am so blessed to be able to do this for a living.

Sarah and Ezio are so full of life that when you spend 10 minutes with them, you walk away with a bounce in your step. I am so thankful they got married in December, I would have collapsed to heat exhaustion trying to keep up with them, their friends and family if they had a summer wedding. After photographing their engagement session, after spending time with me in meetings and seeing them at another wedding I photographed as guests and then spending 15 hours with them on their wedding day, I know this. Nothing brings them more joy than to make those people around them happy. They will give the shirt of their back in a heartbeat if it would make you smile.

Sarah and Ezio, as you on the beach sipping your drinks and toes in the ocean, please know this. I hope you, your family and friends see the joy they have created in the people near them. I am so grateful to you for letting me the guy to tag along on your wedding day!















































































































Wedding Venue: Cathedral of Saint Peter

Reception Venue: Venuti’s

Hair: Hazel Hair

Makeup: Arch Apothecary

Flowers at Ceremony: Al-Mar Florists

Flowers at Reception: Palomino Floral Designs

Sarah’s Dress: Dimitras Bridal Couture

Ezio’s Tux: Gucci

Limo: Rockford Coach and Charter

Videographer: Edward Fox Photography And Video

DJ: Fantastic DJ and Photobooth

Reception Lighting: Fantastic DJ and Photobooth

Cake: IL Giardino Del Dolce

Painter: Wed on Canvas



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