With every blog post, I try and open the doors to the who the people really are in the photographs. The problem for me is that when I at the step of writing out this part of the blog, I usually just finished viewing every single photograph from that wedding. I sort of get to relive every moment, every quirk and every laugh but trying to wrangle all those thoughts into a coherent post isn’t easiest.  That is where I am at with Sara and Kevin, so rather than try and heard my thoughts, which would be like trying to heard cats, I am going just let me mind wander and what happens, well, happens. So take a walk with me through my memories of Sara and Kevin’s wedding…

    • Custom baseball gloves with your name embroidered on them…. is that not one of best groomsmen gifts you have seen?
    • During the ceremony, I wore a jacket. The bridesmaids wore just their dress. Christopher < Bridesmaids
    • Kevin carried a note from one of his and Sara’s first dates for 5+ years. Guess what he gave back to Sara the morning of their wedding? Legit.
    • Sara really really really loves her father
    • I would lose a lot of weight if the Pavilion banned me from their golf carts
    • I spy 3 people with…
    • A late night wedding snack is always a great idea, especially if it is pizza
    • Sara and Kevin have some amazing friends that went out of their way to make my life easier
    • The Copperstone Inn is just stupid amazing for wedding photographers
    • There was a college football game on the same time as the reception and was put on the tv on the back of the fireplace. Once special fan pulled up a chair and watched the entire game of #5 Notre Dame vs #8 Oklahoma. See if you can figure out who it was.
    • Cupcakes are much easier for me to eat and not get caught than a piece of cake is




It took many vendors to make this wedding possible, so take a moment and check out who they are.

Venue: The Pavilion at Orchard Ridge Farms

DJ: Chance Productions

Flowers: Event Floral

Caterer: Toni’s

Linens: Toni’s

Dress: Eva’s Bridal

Officiant: Yvette Healy



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