The very first time I got meet Sara and Kevin, I was sitting at The Bourgeois Pig Cafe off Fullerton Ave in downtown Chicago. Not by coincidence either but by my choice. I try to have at least one meeting with every couple, who I photograph their wedding, be at a location that is in their “environment”. It allows the couple to relax and be themselves when they are in a familiar situation and at ease. I can not tell you how invaluable this was to learn about who Sara and Kevin are. I leaned that Kevin rocks the basic gray t-shirt. Not just one mind you but he has amassed a collection of many different styles of gray t-shirts 🙂 I learned that Sara gets to travel the world for her job and was being forced, I use that term very loosely, to go to Hawaii very soon. I also learned that they both really enjoyed the idea of a self described “modern-rustic” engagement session. After poking around on what that really meant, I found they really liked the idea of a rough around the edges urban area as a backdrop for their engagement session. Think of a building that was once grand but now has show the years of wear, yet it still shows off as being grand. Lucky for them, Rockford’s downtown does offer a very good backdrop for this. As downtown continues to make its recovery, I really hope it does not lose some of this feeling.

Sara and Kevin, I will see you later this summer at The Pavilion and enjoy your photos!


Thank you for sharing!

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