When you take a look at your own life, you have different layers of “friends”. To steal a line from Shrek, layers like an onion. Every person has a layer that is label as “Facebook Friend”, in that layer is people you have worked with, people you went to grade school with and in my case there are people who want to follow my photography I have no clue who they are. This layer is what makes Facebook interesting for me because you never know who or what is going to come out of this layer. My close friends and family, I know exactly what is going to happen… Kyle and Jim are going to call out all my speeling mistakes, Diana is always going offer words of encouragement… but you never know who is going to suddenly send you a message out of the blue.

I have known Robin since 1998, when I had a lot more hair and we worked at Office Depot together. When the social networking revolution rolled around we were able to connect again. After we exchange our “How are you doing?” greetings, I never noticed Robin using Facebook very much.

Little did I know she was photo stalking me like mad 😀

Then I get the random message out of the blue from someone I had truly forgot I was even friends with.. “So…. We’re planning a wedding (ugh) and are looking for a photographer…..”. A few days later I found myself driving to a meeting with Robin and her fiance Scot and as I always do with each couple I meet, I started to try and to piece together the story of who you are. I started to think to myself what type of guy would be the one to capture Robin’s heart. The more I thought about, the more I realized I do not have a clue of who that would be. Then I met Scot. Then I photographed their engagement session. Then I realized just how perfect a compliment to each other they are. It is always something wonderful to meet an old friend who has waded through the world out there and come back with a person who when you see them together, you just know its right.

Robin and Scot, I has been my pleasure watching all your planning come together! Congratulations and enjoy your journey together!

Something old and something blue, Robin's baby ring.


Wedding Venue: St. Mark’s Lutheran Church

Reception Venue: Franchesco’s

Salon: Asha Salon

Robin’s Stylist: Kerrie

Flowers: Stem’s

Limo: Hollywood Limo

DJ: Roger Peters


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