I have recently received one of my Premier Wedding Photography Albums and I just had to share some photographs of it! When you take the plunge and have me be a part of your wedding, one of my goals is give you something that balances tradition with creating something unique. Tradition and uniqueness are usually very difficult to combine but my Premier Wedding Photography Albums do a phenomenal job of creating an album that will stand the test of time while giving you the freedom to personalize it to your wedding. Every aspect of these albums are co-designed by you and me with the end result being a professionally designed album that begs to be picked up once seen. Inside the album each page is hand designed to not just display photographs but tell the story of your wedding and two people becoming one.

For the cover of this album I focused on using earth tones the whole way through as this wedding was shot outdoors and had a very rustic feel to it.

Cover : Saddle Brown Leather

Accent: Polished Croc in Bone color

Inset Photograph : A black and white photograph with a gold overlay to keep earth tone flow


With the very first page of this album, I went for a full panorama of one of my favorite photographs from this wedding. The album design allows for a full lay flat page and minimal 1mm gutter in the middle creates a almost seamless 12″x24″ photograph that takes your breath away.


The individual pages are very thick and will not bend, the edges have been coated in a marbleized gold to follow with the earth tone’s cover feel. This photograph also shows the minimal 1mm gutter and lay flat design.


A close up of the rounded corners that keep the pages from being worn down or damaged while viewing your album.

I LOVE these albums, they give you such a wide array of textures, colors and designs to create something that will show not just simply show photographs but to deeply tell the story of you.


Thank you for sharing!

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