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My photography approach

The greatest compliment anyone could give my photographs is different than what you are probably used to. When you share your photographs with those you love in your life, I want that first reaction to be one where they look back at you and simply say "These photographs are so you.". Your wedding is so much more than just a flip book of poses at sunset.

Your wedding day with all the subtle details and impossible to script moments all breathe emotions and life into your day. I will pull out all those details and create photos that will hang on your wall and I will also be present, almost as just another friend, to capture the moments you could never plan for. As you take a look through my photographs, you will see these things blended together to give you a insight into the story of each individual couple. 

I believe my approach to you as a couple and my style of photography creates
 photographs that are much like my couples, full of life.

I capture and I create.

Photography is a way of FEELING, of TOUCHING, of LOVING. What you have caught on film is captured forever.... It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.

- Aaron Siskind

real weddings



Abbi & Ben 

St. Anythony of Padua & Rockford Country club

Danielle & Keith 

anderson Japanese
garderns & The Ironworks


Kayla & Ryan 

The Pavilion at Orchard Ridge Farms


Courtney & Bryce 

St. Charles Borromeo Parish & Company 251


Summer & Jake 

The PritzlafF


Kayla & Adam 

Mercantile Hall


andrea & Brady 

Oak Hill


holly & Tom 

Prairie street brewing company

Take a look through a few of these real weddings and you will quickly start to feel like you know who the couple authentically is. You will see real emotion, real moments, real laughs right alongside photographs that I created for them to remember a moment. Every wedding has different approach and feel and that is simply because every couple IS different. 

Real Couples. Real Venues. Real Timelines. Really Authentic.


Libbey & Shawn

The Standard


Samantha & Jake

Williams tree farm


Joanna & Mat

Fisherman's Inn

signature photographs




These are the photographs that define C. Tyson Photography and have allowed me to showcase some incredible moments from my couples. From moments where tears are captured to moments I have created during a full rain storm. EVERY SINGLE PHOTOGRAPH was taken at a real wedding or engagement with real people. Take some time soaking in the feelings and the moments and as you are viewing these photographs, I hope you could see yourself in them!