Time Lapse Photography is something I have been wanting to try out for a LONG time, ever since I stumbled across this posting probably over a year ago now. What has become an American Tradition, the Super Bowl, gave me a great backdrop to try this out. Using my new Gorillapod Focus, this tripod is amazing but that’s another post, I set up my camera. I used my 40D with a Canon 17-55mm f/2.8 IS lens. Set the camera to Av priority so if the light changed the exposure would stay the same and then set the aperture to 4.0 for a little depth of field. ISO was at 800 and picture quality to the lowest the camera would take and I turned off auto focus, image stabilization and image review to get the absolute most shots I could get. With these setting and 2x 2000mh batteries in my grip I started shooting at 5:20pm and 4,559 shots later at 9:01pm my batteries in my camera died. I took all the images and compiled them in Quicktime and added a little music, courtesy of NFL films and ta-da! Time lapse Super Bowl. Enjoy!

Bonus points if you can catch Jennifer falling asleep 🙂

My favorite single image… Right after Eric after scored one of the cheapest goals in FIFA I have ever seen. The look on every person’s face was perfect.

Thank you for sharing!

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