Weddings are a time celebrate, wedding are a time to look forward with hope and joy and for Melissa, Jesse and their families, it was a time everyone looked forward too. Melissa’s family has been through its tough times over the past months and as someone who saw this take place, I was given the opportunity to offer this family and newly wed couple, the chance to put some of that behind them. Let me also tell you, I had a blast! It was a wedding that had a few things that I totally dig and also a few things to keep me on my toes. Shoot, the bride Melissa, was so laid back and relaxed that she was playing Battlefield 3 just hours before her wedding. Jesse, the groom, was a rock star in decorating his own reception venue. Throw in some remarks about, among other things, porn star chicken (I really do not have a clue on how that one came about). and we had ourselves a bona fide wedding!

So Melissa and Jesse, as you are on your way to Niagara Falls, take some time to only enjoy starting your lives out together but to also take some time to relish in the chance to start a new act in your family’s lives.




Wedding Venue: Church by the Side of the Road

Reception Venue: The Venetian Club

Hair: Nicole from Serenity Salon

Caterer: ABC Catering

Limo: Classic Limo


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