One of my favorite perks of doing what I do, is the chance to watch couples from a distance as they transition from being two distinct people to become one couple. With Melissa and Erich I have had the chance to watch this take place for over a year before we photographed their engagement session and with their wedding just over a year out, I will have much more time to watch. I have always said that I would much rather work with a couple who is excited to BE married rather than GET married. After the meetings, the emails, the facebook posts, its easy to tell that Melissa and Erich are a perfect match for each other. However, when you talk to them it is easy to see that they are excited for their wedding but they are even more excited about just getting to that point where they are married and start their lives together. So over the next year enjoy the journey to that point Melissa and Erich, I will just tag along and photograph that journey 🙂



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