Oh where do I begin with this couple… It was not even a week ago when I posted their engagement session and gave you a little bit of their back story, not much has changed since then 🙂 What I can tell you is how welcome I felt to be a part of their wedding. I could tell you that this was the last wedding of 2012 for me and how blessed I was to have a couple like Meghan and Trevor to wrap up the year with. I could go on and on how everyone in the room had a deep respect for Meghan and Trevor’s commitment to our military. I could tell you that I know Meghan really loves her mother. However, my words would not really be able to fully explain Meghan and Trevor’s wedding. Just know that without question, this was a wedding that reminded me in so many ways why what I do is so important and also so rewarding. Meghan and Trevor, wherever your path takes you, just know you will always have a friend and a fan back in Rockford!




Take a moment and check out the vendors who made this wedding possible:

Venue: Briggs Mansion

Caterer: ABC Catering

Cake: By The Dozen



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