The record has been set. The shortest time between shooting an engagement session and the actual wedding is now just 6 days thanks to Meghan and Trevor. Maybe that is why they both are just smiling so naturally. Maybe that is why they both were just happy to be around each other. Maybe that is why they have trouble taking things seriously. Maybe that is why they look like they are so full of life… after all, it was just 6 more days until they walked down the aisle together.

So whats the deal, why did they wait until 6 days before their wedding to finally get the engagement photographs? It is simple, it is tough to take engagement photographs when there is 3,000+ miles in between you two. If you are married or close to it, you understand just how difficult it is to plan a wedding when you are 3 feet apart let alone 3,000 miles. So why would anyone put themselves in a position where they had to plan a wedding with so much distance in between them? Another simple answer… because Meghan and Trevor have both decided to serve in our armed forces. I will avoid all political slants and just say that without question or reservation, the brave people who are currently in our armed service will ALWAYS have my complete support. So when couple contacts me for a possible short notice wedding that they are trying to fit into a small window of time, I change my plans to make it happen. Meghan and Trevor, even though it has been a short period of time that we know each other, I just want you two to know how much it has been to a part of your planning and your chaos. Thank you for letting me a part of your day!



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