Every couple I have the opportunity to work with, I really try and understand who they are and what their story is. That starts with the first email and the first face to face conversation. I remember when Megan and Andy walked into Meg’s Daily Grind last year, I also remember that within the first few minutes I discovered that they were different. As I asked a few questions and as I dug deeper into who they were I quickly found who Megan and Andy are. Put them in a reception and they are going to act just as ridiculously amazing as they should,  you surround them with friends and a 25 foot slide and they are going to act like children but that is not they really are on the inside. Megan and Andy have both chosen professions that serve others. This became very clear to me through the wedding, I have never been asked if I need anything so much in my life. I also NEVER heard Megan or Andy say “I need…”. Even on their wedding they were more concerned with others wishes than their own. So I did what any self respecting wedding photographer would do, I took advantage of it 😀

Megan and Andy, while you are on the beach in Peurto Vallarta, I hope you have the chance to invest time into each other and let the people their serve you for short period of time. Both of you truly deserve it.



Take and moment check out the vendors who helped make this wedding possible.


Wedding Venue: 1st Lutheran Church

Reception Venue: Radisson

DJ: Hits DJ

Flowers: Pepper Creek

Hair and Make up: B. Elliotts

Officiant: Officiant Pastor Jane McChesney

Dress: Vera’s house of bridals

Tux: Seno


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