Liz and Mike’s Engagement session had it all. We laughed, we talked about life, we talked Seinfeld, we had a beautiful evening, a makeshift teeter totter, we had my old stomping grounds of Rock Cut State Park as backdrop and I even got a side eyed untrusting look by their dog. Such a great night. We spent so much time doing everything but taking photographs, we probably could have spent a tenth of time out there as wed did. You know what though, I would not have it any other way. I absolutely enjoy getting to have fun with my couples, to hear what makes then unique and just put them in a great situation and then get out of there way. Or maybe I am just lazy and that makes my job easier. Your choice.

Liz and Mike, thank you for giving me a preview into your lives. I am beyond excited to hang out with you for your wedding and take more photographs of just you two (unless Roxy is being invited) being you. See you soon!























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