Have you ever overheard a conversation between two guys and think to yourself that those two must really hate each other and are about to fight?

Welcome to my friendship with Dean 😀

I have know Dean for about 7 years now and if you have ever spent any amount of time around us, you probably have thought this same thing. I know I speak for Dean with this as well, but we wouldn’t have it any other way! I am a very cerebral person and I poke at your views and beliefs to see what they are based on and I enjoy a spirited conversation. Now match me up with Dean and his psychology degree and you end up hearing at loud volume “Dont you try and psychobabble a psychobabbler!”. While this always make conversations very spirited, it has allowed me to have some conversations with Dean that have a lot of substance to them as well. Such as the one when he told me he was moving to Phoenix, farther away from anything he has, to be closer to Lindsay. Then to hear Dean say he is engaged to Lindsay and that sometimes you have go through some tough times with others to find out that the one you were looking for this whole time was always there.

While Dean and I may seem like we are coming blows over a simple talk involve the Bears and Packers, I can say there is always deep mutual respect between us and it was my honor to not only be there to photograph their wedding but to also be there as friend. Lindsay and Dean, take your beautiful little girl back home to Tucson and enjoy every moment you have together. From the cold Midwest, I offer you a warm congratulations!



Wedding Location: Siesta Key Beach

Wedding Venue: Casa Mar

Wedding Coordinator: Florida Sun Weddings



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